Monday, February 20, 2012

BBQ Chicken Veggie Pizza

BBQ Chicken Veggie Pizza

1 Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
Bold and Spicy BBQ sauce (we use Sweet Baby Rays)
2 Grilled chicken breast chopped
1 cup 2% cheddar cheese
1 cup 2% mozzarella cheese
1-2 green onions chopped
3/4-cup finely chopped fresh broccoli florets

Blend cheeses, set aside, lightly spray a pizza pan or foil, place crust on foil, spread sauce over crust, add chicken, sprinkle cheese evenly over chicken followed by onions and broccoli

Pre heat oven according to pizza crust directions, cook according to pizza crust directions or until edges are crispy and the cheese is completely melted.

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