Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Summary of My Blog Flavorful and Fit

2011- December 2012, Low Fat Family Friendly Recipes
2013 - Present, Strict Paleo Recipes and Paleo "ish" Recipes for a weekend treat

I have had a passion for fitness as long as I can remember.  However, it has come and gone over the years.  When I was younger it was more focused on weight, and over the years I have fell in love with strength.  Of course, my dedication to fitness and feeding my goals from the inside out, have been in and out of focus over the years.  After years of hormonal issues, followed by hormone therapy and finally a hysterectomy, I have learned to focus on my body from the inside out.  I have learned that we can all be focused 95% of the time, and we have to allow ourselves and those around us the flexibility to stray 5% of the time in order to maintain the passion for a fit family. 

I have found my passion in making real meals for real families.  I love taking a recipe and turning it into a Flavorful Fit meal, hence the title of the blog.  I know the importance of making meals that families will actually eat and enjoy.  I also understand that most families are on a budget and even if you are not on a budget, who wants to buy crazy off the wall ingredients that you will never use again?  Most of my recipes will involve everyday ingredients that you can use over and over again.  My focus is on meals that are lower in fat, higher in protein, fiber and healthy carbs.  I do not claim to have meals that are 100% “clean” meaning foods in their rawest form.  Again, these are real meals for real families who want to be fit and set a good example for their children.  My meals will sometimes include cream of mushroom soups or cream of chicken, sometimes Velveeta or shredded cheese but they will be the reduced fat version.  Butter, flour, sour cream, sugar, etc. will be replaced with apples sauce, flax seed, whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt, Splenda, and so on. 

My husband and children have been my biggest cheerleaders.  Even though they still love when mom decides it is a restaurant or pizzeria pizza night, they support and cheer me on.  The greatest part of this 95% fitness focus lifestyle, is that when we do go out to eat, I do not fret over my children ordering fried food or cheesecake.  I know that about 20 of their 21 meals on average per week are prepared in my kitchen, so I know what is fueling their bodies. 

Then in January of 2013, I discovered the Paleo Lifestyle.  That explains the shift in low fat recipes to Paleo recipes in January 2013.  My family follows Paleo about 50% of the time, and I follow it about 95% of the time.  For me, Paleo works.  I feel better, stronger and love the fact that I know every ingredient that I am consuming.  If you do not follow the Paleo lifestyle, the recipes can be substituted with dairy ingredients, potatoes, pasta, etc.  In addition, the lower fat recipes can easily be made into a Paleo friendly recipe.  

I hope you find recipes that your family will enjoy to start or continue a healthy lifestyle. 

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