Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quesadilla Turkey Burger

Quesadilla Turkey Burger

Large Whole Wheat Tortillas
Swiss or Pepper Jack Cheese slices
1 jar salsa or homemade salsa (needs to be medium, mild does not add enough flavor) Picante medium works even better or homemade with fresh jalapenos
2 pounds ground lean turkey
1 cup oats

Mix meat, oats and salsa together and make patties.  Grill patties or cook in sprayed skillet.

Place 1 slice of cheese or a half a piece of cheese on the tortilla,  place the patty on the cheese, place another slice of cheese on patty, wrap tortilla around patty (think crunch wrap supreme), place seam down on a indoor grill (Foreman) if you have one, and press until lines form on the tortilla (usually 4-5 minutes) 

You have to use cheese on the bottom and top of the patty so it will melt to the tortilla and hold together.

If you do not have an indoor grill, place seam down in a clean skillet without cooking spray until cheese is melted, just a few minutes.

Great served with extra salsa

If you are using less than 2 pounds of turkey, use less salsa so it is not watery

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