Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paleo Pork Loin Stuffed with Sun Dried Tomates and Artichokes

1 Large Pork Loin thawed
Enough organic vegetable broth or chicken broth to cover at least half way up the pork loin
1 12 oz jar Artichokes, rinsed (try to find one that is not marinated, however, most are marinated so rinse well to remove excess sodium)
1 8.5 oz jar sun dried tomatoes rinsed to remove excess sodium
Several dashes pepper, onion powder and minced garlic
Optional- Diced sweet bell pepper, in the picture I used Orange

Slice loin in half but not all the way through, open like a book
Season the inside of the loin with spices
Pack full with artichokes and tomatoes (you will not use all of it just yet)
Fold loin carefully to hold in stuffing, you can use large toothpicks or twine to hold together
Line a crock pot
Add broth
Place Loin in the crock pot
Cook on low for about 5-7 hours, my crock pot cooks faster than most, so adjust time as needed and based on the size of the loin.

I served over mashed cauliflower and used the remaining sun dried tomatoes and artichokes in the cauliflower.  Once the cauliflower was steamed, I added cauliflower, tomatoes, artichokes, garlic powder and coconut milk to a food processor

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