Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paleo Spicy Sauteed Shrimp (Easy, Fast and Delicious)

The first time you make this you may want to omit crushed red pepper.  This is a very spicy recipe, but you can scale back the amount of sriracha sauce or crushed red pepper.  If you do not follow Paleo, it is great dipped in Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing.
30-50 Count Medium Deveined, Peeled, Tail on Shrimp
1 Tbsp coconut, grape seed or Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Organic unsalted butter
A Few dashes each of garlic powder, minced dried garlic, minced dried onion, pepper and onion powder
Optional- A couple dashes crushed red pepper
4-5 squirts of Sriracha
If shrimp is frozen, place in a colander and run under warm water for a minute or two
In a large skillet heat oil and butter over medium heat
Lower heat to Medium Low, I set my heat to 4
Add shrimp and spread out in a single layer
Add all dry seasonings
Stir well, cover skillet and cook for about 5 minutes
Add sauce and stir again, cover, lower heat to low ( I set my heat to 3) and cook for about 5 more minutes
When all shrimp is opaque it is done so adjust time accordingly

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